TRY AGAIN premiere
Snowboard Design is an exhibition-show focused on snowboard design and is singularly part of the wider project of Torino 2008 World Design Capital (TWDC).
The opening will take place at 18 on October the 23rd in the Cortile del Maglio, via Andreis 18 (Porta Palazzo area). The evining will host (around 19) the screening of the new Random Production video: "TRY AGAIN"; rider: Tato Chiala, Benussi, Max Galfrè, Olli Mondino, Bubba Ferro, Suppo, Matrao, S. Gruber, Stampfl, Ciancaleoni and more. Guests of honour.... a bit everyone.... FREE ENTRANCE AND BEERS!!
december 1st, SOME SLASH -Zombiees video premiere
Friday december 1st will take palce the PREMIERE of the new zombies snow movie: SOME SLASH. FRRE ENTRY before midnight with the party flyers. Get it from www.zombiesvideo.com OR www.myspace.com/zombiesvideo
SOME SPLASH, the teaser of the new Zombies video
ZOMBIES VIDEO presenta il teaser del nuovo video di snowboard SOME SPLASH in uscita a dicembre con la rivista ENTRY... buona parte delle immagini sono del big A di quest’estate! www.zombiesvideo.com/news.html
Dopo LET'S CHANGE SIDE i ragazzi della Zombies Video, al fine di migliorare la qualità del prodotto, hanno deciso di posticipare l'uscita del nuovo video di skate al 2007; tutti i tour e le news riguardante il nuovo video e la realizzazione di esso saranno visibili sul loro sito da poco rinnovato www.zombiesvideo.com
Triple X contest report
after the summer stop in August, here you can find the Triple X contest report. Check under the URBAN ENERGY TOUR section.
triple X - Val Senales 22-23 July 2006
Val Senales 22-23 July 2006

Having waited for 2 years, the biggest contest of the Summer is back! The Triple X!
Organized by the Big-A camp, the gentlemen riders and Fakie shop.
The Contest formula Is very simple: 2 contests: snowboard and skateboard, open to everybody!
It starts Saturaday with the snowboard contest up on the Glacier where the big-A staff has put up a great park with kickers and rails for everyone. First place: €400, second: €200, third: €100, and product for the 4th and 5th place.
In the evening the party goes on with beer and cocktails at Leo's pub, where the Iuter crue have organized one of there legendary parties with Dj Frisbi.
Sunday afternoon it's time for the Skate contest where the first place gets €250, 2nd place: €150, 3rd: €100.
The combo winner, that is based on the Snowboard contest, the skate contest and the performance at the Iuter party, gains €200, 2nd: €100, 3rd:€50.
It costs €5 euros to take part at one contest and €10 to do both.
It will be 2 days of riding, party and Fun!
A good excuse to get away from the hot city…
More info at: www.big-a.it

It is possible, thanks to snowmotion, to book at the Zirm hotel, halfboard + skipass for only €99, barbecue included!!

Don't miss out!
Steak and Ride! Val Senales
Is it getting Hot?
Feeling for a few snowpark runs in the middle of summer?
Are you in to barbeques?

Don’t worry! It has all been organized by Snowmotion in collaboration with big-A!

To get away from the heat in the city the guys at Snowmotion have organized a weekend In Val Senales where it is nice and cool and it’s all focused on Steak & Ride!

And the prices are as low as you can get!

You can stay in Maso Corto, in Val Senales for 2 or 3 nights at the Zirm hotel*** (at 2000mt) and snowboard in the Gentelmen rider’s super park, party and Saturaday night cook Steaks and Sausages around the fire all together!
You get all this at the riduculous price of 99€ that includes: 2 days half-board hotel, 2 day skipass and the mega barbeque Saturaday night!

It couldn’t be more simple… snowboarding, barbequeing, enjoy the nature and glacier of Val Senales, have a swim in the pool, drink a beer with your mates and the other riders and you get it all for a better price than if you organized it yourself!

It’s not a bad deal, there won’t be 600 people like at the end of season PowderDays but it will be good fun and you’ll have time to relax… In the fresh air of the mountains...

For all the info, fotos and prices you just have to check out www.snowmotion.it

See you there!
For this summer, thanks to Hotel Zirm***, Big-A will offer to everyone an incredible proposal!! You won’t say no! We’ve never had such low prices in Senales!!
You won’t have to cook or to shopping... just enjoy the glacier, the park and the spring in this amazing valley!! You’ll stay in a three stars hotel for the price of an apartment! You won’t find this price in any European camp. This is “the” offer for this summer… the freshest and the cheapest! Are you still thinking to book or not to book?
And don’t forget that the Hotel Zirm*** is the favorite place for a lot of Italian and international pro riders like Giacomo and Filippo Kratter, Tato Chiala, Max Galfrè, Matrao, Aie Benussi, Bubba, Olli Mondino and more…

Check out the prices NOW!

From 1st till 29th of July:

7dd hotel+6dd skipass+6dd camp
Half-board double room.....................490€
Half-board three or four bed room.....470€
Half-board single room…………......560€

Snowboard stage, skipass, half-board accommodation, lessons on the materials, video review, assurance, gadgets, accessibility to our video room, video review, welcome drink and free party and barbecue.


We’ve got also incredible offers just for the week end!
If you want to just pop by for the week end, nothing easier! Just get one of our special packages for 2 or 3 days, take the car and drive up to here!

Long week end (3 days of riding)

Long WE 3 days................................June............July
Half-board double room....................127€...........157€
Half-board three bed room................124€...........152€
Half-board four bed room.................122€............149€
Half-board single room.....................157€............187€

Short week end (2 days of riding)

Short WE 3 days................................June............July
Half-board double room....................85€..............105€
Half-board three bed room................80€..............100€
Half-board four bed room.................81€................99€
Half-board single room..................... 105€................125€

Skipass, half-board accommodation, video review, assurance, gadgets, accessibility to our video room, video review, welcome drink and free party and barbecue.
party in Rome
Spring is in the air and after having organized parties all over the place,
it's time to hit Italy's capitol: Rome.
Get ready cause on the 30 th of March the Energy Tour will hit the AKAB, 68
Monte Testaccio road.
We'll kick off with the Zombies video premier featuring PROSIT.
Then we'll have live music from local DJ's Lady Coco and Mr. Phil and super
guest Next One straight from Turin plus we're giving away a Nitro snowboard
and loads of Iuter, Big-a and Nitro gadgets.
Download and print the invitation at www.big-a.it or at www.iuter.com, so
that you can get a disount on the entry fee (10 euros drink included rather
than 15 euros).
This time we've given you a day to rest, cause the next stop is at Ovindoli
and Campo Felice for the weekend.
At Ovindoli we have organized a mini camp for Sauraday and Sunday, that
consists of 3 hours of lessons a day.
All the partecipants can use for free Nitro's boards and bindings and will
have a discount for the skipass. For more info: 333-4608698, www.big-a.it
Saturaday the party is at Dolcesalato pub at Ovindoli, where we'll show
Zombies videos once again for all those that missed it on Thursday.
On the Sunday there's a mini contest for non-pro riders with a Nitro board
for first prize!!!
It will all be filmed by Zombies video and accompanied by loads of redbull!
You can't miss out on all the fun!

See you there
On January the 5th in Sappada will be held the KING OF THE PARK a TicketToRide event, 15 riders are invited: Giacomo and Filippo Kratter, Martin Cernik, Marius Otterstad, Sani Alibabic and other... more details on www.redbullwall.it/kingofpark The event will be closed with a big A & Iuter party…. and all of you are invited!!!
MerryXmas party
Iuter streetwear and Big-A snow&skate camp are proud to present the MerryXmas party!
It will take place at the Rolling Stone club in Milan (c.so XXIII marzo 32) on friday 23rd of December.
It kicks off at 11 with "the community project", the oakley-red bull video premiere, featuring: Travis Rice, Terje Haakonsen,
Shaun White, JJ Tomas and loads of other riders...
Then there'll be the real party where a lucky winner will recieve a limited edition Nitro snowboard signed by Filippo and Giacomo Kratter and loads of other prizes from Oakley, Nitro, Iuter and Big-A... and of course loads of riders to party with!

Download the flyer at: www.iuter.com or www.big-a.it so you can get in with a free drink for only 8 euro's instead of 15!

Anyway, Merry Christmas to everyone!

Big-A crew
Capita Team and Transworld Snowboarding at big A
For the first time ever, Team Capita’s landed in Europe; since today, till Thursday, 28 Capita International Team (Travis Parker, TJ Schneider, Tyler Lepore, Ryan Thompson, Corey Smith, Jonas Carlson) and Transworld Snowboarding are lodged at Big-A camp in Les 2 Alpes; after that, since July, 29 they’ll all move to Cervinia Big-A camp. Obviously, Transworld Snowboarding will write down a report about riders’ trip…come and see them in action!
It is a very sad day here at the big-A.....
It is a very sad day here at the big-A.... Last night one of the people that helped the big-A ( and also a little bit the italian snowboard scene) passed away.
Beppe Demonte didn’t manage to win his battle against cancer... I started snowboarding with him in 1988, I went to the first contests with him and he helped me run the Aurora snowboard club... that was one of the most important club in Italy, I’ve done loads of things with him over the years and amoung these things, we started the Big-A camp.
In the last years he wasn’t in the center of the snowboard world anymore, but he was always there in our world... he helped out Snowb, Entry mag, snowboard companies and recently with a project of his own, that sadly was born when his cancer started getting worse.
Last night, at 3 he passed away. Everyone can think what they want on what will happen now, but the fact is that he’s not here anymore... what we will remember is the memories of all the things that we did with him, and his love for our sport.
Peter Gauna
report of OSTIA party & Glacial Party at Les 2alpes
Hey guys and gals, in the URBAN ENERGY TOUR section you can check out the report on the beach party in Ostia(Rome), where Big-A and Iuter were special guests at the Hip-Hop beach festival… and if you feel bad for having missed out don’t worry…
You can catch up at the GLACIAL PARTY in Les2Alpes from the 16th to 19th of June… with loads of Hip-Hop, all the Iuter crew and loads of other riders. For more info go to glacial party.
On June 10th, big A & IUTER PARTY in ROME (Ostia lido beach)
... Before going to the glacier for the summer session how about a weekend at the beach with a huge musical event and loads of prizes?

The Urban Energy Tour is going to hit Rome... At Ostia’s “secondo cancello”!
On friday the 10th June 2005 the tour organized by Big-A snow&skate camp (Cervinia/2Alpes/Val Senales) and Iuter streetwear will be the Hip-Hop beach festival’s guest. During the party there will be the presentation of the video OPEN YOUR EYEZ, amoung the party people we’ll pick out the winner of a nitro snowboard (signed by Giacomo e Filippo Kratter), and of a weeks camp in Les2alpes for 4 people and we’ll give out loads of Iuter and Big-A gadgets.

The Hip-hop festival will take place on the 9th, 10th and 11th of June 2005 at Ostia’s “secondo cancello” beach (On the sea between Ostia and torvaianica)and will have an exelent cast: krs one, cut killer, collederfomento, corveleno, sanobusiness and many others. FREE ENTRY…...

For more info check out www.hiphopbeachfestival.info
Urban Energy Tour
the riders are coming back from States... big A and Iuter are setting up the other stops of the Urban Energy Party Tour.... SOON DATES AND INFOS!!!
Fiat Freestyle Team party
into Urban Energy Tour section the report of the Fiat Freestyle team party
Urban Energy Tour gallery
Updated wiht photos the Urban Energy Tour section.

IUTER & big-A UrbanEnergyTour

Venerdì 26 Novembre vi invitiamo tutti al Rolling Stone di Milano (c.so XXII marzo 32), per la seconda tappa dello IUTER & big-A UrbanEnergyTour!

Musica a cura di 5 stars... ci saranno Dj Herca, Dj Fish e Max Brigante.
A mezzanotte potrete vedere la video premiere di Open Your Eyez, video del team oakley italia by zombiesvideo, che vede la partecipazione di Giack e Fil Kratter, Alvaro Dal Farra, Ale Barbero, Matteo Dinisio, Jonny Gallo, Max Bianconcini, Walter Gianini, Max Stampfl e Max Galfrè.
Durante la serata avverrà l'estrazione della seconda tavola limited edition NITRO by Red Bull, autografata da Giacomo! Una volta arrivati, informatevi come partecipare all'estrazione.

Ovviamente non mancherà il solito lancio di premi, adesivi Iuter, big-A e Oakley.
Il bordello è garantito come sempre!
Scarica il flyer (fronte - retro) e vieni al Rolling Stone!!
NB: senza fleyr pagherai l'ingresso, ricorda di portarlo!!

big A crew